Brickwork Cleaning – Safely Removing Paint, Graffiti and Dirt from Brick

Beam Clean & Restore use soda blasting and low pressure chemical free blasting to safely, effectively remove and strip paint, graffiti, smoke damage, algae, oils and grime from stone, brickwork and masonry.

Soda and low pressure blasting are non harmful processes to clean stone, brickwork and masonry. Soda blasting uses sodium bicarbonate as baking soda is an extremely friable material it completely fragments on impact cleaning the brickwork or stone without any surface damage, but at the same time helps in removing paint and other finishes. Dated processes such as sand blasting would clean the surface but due to the high pressure and coarseness of the material it would cause irreparable surface damage.


Do you need to safely clean, strip and remove paint from a brick wall, old bricks, or brickwork in a cellar or the external façade of your building? Perhaps the brickwork is dirty and covered in grime and pollution or unsightly graffiti, maybe even smoke damage from a fireplace or even after a fire. Perhaps you have reclaimed some old bricks for a project and they are covered in paint.

Wondering how you can safely clean, strip and remove the paint from the brickwork without damage?

Then look no further. We are NOT sandblasters, we do not use high pressure, high velocity equipment, chemicals or leave abrasive finishes or damage the brickwork’s fragile surface.  We use very low pressures and a chemical free media, recognised and favoured by Conservation Officers, to safely remove the paint, dirt or graffiti from delicate surfaces like brickwork.  Look at our photos to see the great before and after pictures of some of our projects or click on the videos to watch how the process cleans dirt and paint from the brickwork.  See how we can remove the paint and grime and reveal beautiful colours and patterns restoring the brickwork to its former beauty.


Precision Blasting

These dry cleaning processes are very precise and thus can be targeted to clean and restore only the designated area, such as the fine detail on carved stone.

We always carry out a sample area first before moving on to complete the project and we are more than happy for you to invite the listed building or conservation officer to site to witness this process and we encourage you to take up references from some of our previous customers.

Over the years we have cleaned and stripped paint, dirt and grime, efflorescence, smoke damage and graffiti from the brickwork on the exteriors and interiors of private dwellings, commercial and industrial premises, schools, listed buildings, churches and much more.

We do not use sandblasting as a method of cleaning. Sandblasting is used at very high pressures and can be very destructive on delicate brickwork. We use a system called micro stripping or commonly known as soda blasting.

So if you are looking for a safe and effective chemical free clean, strip and remove paint, dirt and grime, graffiti, efflorescence or smoke damage from your brickwork then call us today for a no obligation quote.

Please contact us today on 01982 560585 or 07889 548143 or to discuss your requirements.


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