Oak Beam Cleaning & Beam Stripping Process

How to remove paint from oak, timber & ceiling beams

Beam Clean & Restore use a soda blasting and low pressure chemical free blasting method to safely, effectively remove and strip paint, varnish, smoke damage, graffiti and grime from timber & oak beams.

Soda blasting and low pressure chemical free blasting are non-harmful processes to clean and strip wooden beams and timbers. Soda blasting uses sodium bicarbonate and as baking soda is an extremely friable material it completely fragments on impact cleaning and stripping the timbers and beams without any surface damage.

These dry cleaning processes are very precise and can be targeted to clean and restore only the designated area, such as the fine detail on a carved old timber door.

Common applications of these blasting techniques include removing, cleaning and stripping the black paint from old oak beams in historic buildings and the restoration after fire and smoke damage.

Our specialised system can clean and strip oak beams and timber by using a chemical free, non-abrasive controlled stream of super fine angular particles that gently remove the old paint, varnish, dirt & grime. These super fine particles leave a finer finish to the timbers surface so that details are not eroded – carpenters marks, initials, names etc. will not be removed with our safe and approved method.

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Safe Beam Cleaning For Listed Buildings

It is perfectly safe for use in listed buildings and conservation areas and we work closely with listed building and conservation officers and have cleaned and stripped hundreds of beams over the years!

Nooks & Crannies and old gnarled oak beams are no problem with this revolutionary and precise system as we can get right into these difficult to reach areas. You cannot clean rough textured beams properly any other way.

We will always carry out a sample area first before moving onto complete your project and we are more than happy for you to invite the listed building or conservation officers to site to witness this process and we encourage you to take up references from our previous customers.

Carrying out this sample first will help you and the listed building and conservation officers where necessary, to see that we clean and strip but do not create any abrasion, don’t remove patina, and we don’t remove carpenters marks, initials etc.

So if you are looking for a safe and effective way to clean, strip and remove paint, smoke damage, dirt and grime or varnish from oak beams, doors, wall panels, floors and much more then please contact Beam Clean & Restore Limited.


Beam Clean & Restore use a gentle chemical free system to safely and effectively clean, remove and strip paint, varnish, dirt, grime and smoke damage from oak and timber beams.

It is so gentle it will not remove historical original features such as carpenter tool marks or dates or initials that may be carved into the surface.

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