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14 04, 2016

Candle Burn Marks. Deliberate or Accidental?

On many of our projects after we have removed the paint or varnish from ancient beams we are always excited when we reveal original carvings such as dates or carpenter tool marks. Even more exciting is when we find ancient burn marks that are nearly always in the shape of a candle flame, sometimes just one and sometimes a [...]

9 04, 2016

March Projects!

We’ve turned the clocks forward, eaten our way through more chocolate eggs than is possible and are now awaiting the sight of the first swallows!  Spring has sprung and here at Beam Clean & Restore we have been so busy throughout March it was good to have a day or two relaxing with the family [...]

12 08, 2015

Stone & Beam Cleaning

Guys have been working at a 17C former Blacksmiths Cottage in Powys cleaning a fabulous stone fireplace, beams and panelling. Please take a look at these great before and after photos.        

1 08, 2015

Beam Clean Restore July News.

Another successful & busy month for Beam Clean & Restore, working all over the country, cleaning oak beams, oak floors and doors, brickwork and fireplaces. The majority of the work this month has been in Kent, where we have worked on three different projects, one of them taking 10 days to complete. This particular project [...]