Timber Beam Cleaning, Stripping, Renovation & Precision Soda Blasting.

Specialist gentle chemical free cleaning, stripping, paint removal & restoration of oak and old black timber beams.

Beam Cleaning, Beam Stripping & Timber Restoration

Brickwork & Stonework Cleaning, Smoke Damage Restoration
Architectural Salvage & Classic Car Paint Removal & Restoration

Beam Clean & Restore is a well-established family run business specialising in timber restoration, beam cleaning, brick cleaning & stone cleaning, all of which are safe to use in listed buildings, using low pressure chemical free precision blasting and precision soda blasting.  These non-harmful processes are the ideal solution for gentle and safe oak beam cleaning, oak beam stripping and paint removal and oak and timber restoration.  It is also ideal for classic car paint stripping and restoration, smoke damage restoration, furniture stripping & paint removal and architectural salvage reclamation cleaning, stripping and paint removal.


Our beam cleaning process gently cleans, strips and removes paint, varnish and smoke damage layer by layer leaving your timber and oak beams fully restored to their natural glory.

Unlike sandblasting our soda blasting and low pressure chemical free blasting methods are the favoured restoration processes recommended by architects and heritage conservation experts making it safe and approved for use in listed buildings. The technique can also be used to clean, strip and remove paint, graffiti, dirt and smoke damage from masonry, stonework and brickwork, stonewalls and brick walls, brick fireplaces, classic cars and vehicles, furniture and architectural salvage without causing the damage that would occur using processes such as sandblasting.

Many historic buildings have been cleaned using the soda blasting technique including the Statue of Liberty in the 1980s. This very process is the same process Beam Clean & Restore use today.

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UK Beam Cleaning  & Restoration Services


Restoring and cleaning timber and oak beams and also oak floors, doors, panels and more using a low pressure specialised soda blasting method – the safer alternative to sand blasting.

Want to know how to clean or strip and remove paint from delicate timber and oak beams without damage or how to lighten your oak beams? Then look no further.

At Beam Clean & Restore we offer a gentle, chemical free restoration service, cleaning or stripping and removing black paint from timber and oak beams and many other fragile surfaces. The process can also remove smoke damage, paint, varnish, dirt & grime not just from timber and oak beams but from other fragile surfaces such as timber and oak doors, floors, panelling, skirting, stairs and bannisters and oak & antique furniture and because the process is low pressure, gentle and non-abrasive it does not remove original features such as carpenter marks and carvings.

We can clean, strip and restore fragile surfaces back to its natural patina without damage, bit by bit, layer by layer, flake by flake until the original beam, door or floor, panelling or stairs, in all their former glory are revealed.

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Restoring brickwork by gently removing paint, dirt, grime, graffiti and smoke damage using a chemical free and eco-friendly system known as soda blasting – the safer alternative to sandblasting.

Need to clean old bricks, brickwork or brick walls?

Need to remove paint from old bricks, brickwork or brick walls?

Don’t know how to remove paint, graffiti, smoke damage or dirt & grime without damage?

Beam Clean & Restore use a low pressure chemical free process that can remove paint, graffiti, smoke damage, dirt & grime from your old bricks, brickwork, brick walls, brick fireplaces and much more without damaging the surface of the bricks, restoring them and revealing beautiful colours and patterns you probably didn’t realise or had forgotten were there.

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Soda is not only a non-abrasive media but it is also a deodoriser and safe to use on delicate surfaces in private homes, listed buildings, schools, churches and industrial and commercial premises – the safer alternative to sandblasting.

Has your property suffered smoke damage? Don’t know how to remove and clean the smoke damage from your timber or oak beams, oak floors, doors, stairs, bannisters, panelling, oak, wooden & antique furniture, brickwork, stonework, fireplaces or tiled floors?

We can help.  Using a low pressure system and soda we can gently remove and clean away the smoke damage without damaging the delicate surface of the item we are cleaning and we can also remove the lingering smell smoke damage leaves behind.  Safe for use in listed buildings too.

smoke damage restoration
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Classic cars, vintage motorbikes, kit cars, whole body or individual parts can be gently stripped and restored removing paint, rust and oil stains using our low pressure soda blasting system – the safer alternative to sandblasting.

Looking to restore and remove paint and rust from your classic car, vintage motorcycle, car wheels, complete shell or individual parts? At Beam Clean & Restore we use a low pressure soda blasting technique that is commonly used in the restoration of old cars and vehicles to remove and strip paint, rust, oil and contaminates.  Car wheels? Tractor wheels? Gone rusty or need a good clean? Then we can remove that too.

Ford Capris, Escorts, Jaguars, Minis, camper vans, Triumph, Rover, VW, to name but a few. Soda blasting creates no heat during the process therefore will not create distortion or warping.

vehicle restoration and blasting
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Soda Blasting vs Sand Blasting

Customers often ask us to ‘sandblast’ their beams, floors, oak panels and brickwork, classic cars or antique furniture , however, we explain that sandblasting oak beams and these other delicate items would not only remove and damage the surface layer but potentially create untold and irreparable damage.

Using specialist soda blasting equipment to clean and restore oak beams, floors, oak panels and brickwork, classic cars and antique furniture we are able to remove the paint, varnish, rust, dirt, grime and smoke damage and restore them to their natural patina without removing original features or with the classic cars, antique furniture and architectural salvage, leave them ready for a coat of new paint!

Beam Cleaning & Soda Blasting Projects

We have worked on a wide variety of projects cleaning and restoring a huge range of different things:

Removed paint and varnish, dirt and grime and smoke damage from oak beams, fireplaces, floors, doors, oak panelling and staircases in private and commercial dwellings, hotels and public houses, many of them Grade II listed.

Cleaned and restored the external brickwork on homes, offices and major retail outlets, all over the UK and cleaned away and removed unsightly graffiti.

Cleaned and restored the oak beams, panelling and floors in churches and even the internal workings in an old windmill.

Stripped paint from classic cars. Restored and cleaned cast iron fireplaces, alloy wheels, cast iron garden tables and chairs, antique furniture and architectural salvage, ready for restoration or repainting.

No two projects are the same, each one requires a different approach using different media or grades of media, some last a day, other projects have taken more than a month but our aim is always the same, to clean and restore delicate items without creating surface damage in a highly efficient and professional manner.

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